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I have been leery of the whole ‘folds in space’ thing since the first time I heard it.

“folds in space that light bends around becomes a bit much to stomach and folds in space should somehow be visible in what we are seeing or light just goes right through it and therefore is of no real use to us.”

Going outside of this dimension or sinking out of linear space may as well be pointless with the same distance problem and perhaps even in a universal portion with more drag than linear space void.

“as a consolation prize we should be able to greenhouse gas Mars into a warmer climate, now all we need to do is find a way to shield from solar radiation from lack of a strong magnetic field.”

Warp Drive may just be a fantasy, and Dimensional Door Warp Gates may just be access to another realm (well, not just! that, pretty cool actually) instead of the answer to inter-steller space travel.

‘and UFO’s?’

You think the Astral Plane doesn’t have UFO’s because it is archaic? All of that stuff could be in closer proximity to earth in these other Dimensions and still be far older than the human species.