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Should leave wear and tear on the Linear Space Universe ‘Fabric of Space’ as it were.

The best place to start with trying to escape this Dimension is ‘The Wake of a Black Hole’. Calculate what you know of the theoretical effects of this. Dawn of Warp Gate Theory, Nasa Style. Q: ‘where to you find a black hole close enough to do that with?’ A: “quit trying to make one on earth!”

That is another Dimension that should be accessible, but it may be just another part of this Universe.

“it is far more likely that a Dimension Door will be built to earth not from earth; there are Beings willing and ready to do this, there are Laws and Lockdowns that prohibit and prevent that from happening”

{One thing the Brahma Balance does is ‘Insure That The Universe Does Not Predate, Nor Is Truly Infinite In Size, Nor Does Sentience Evolve From Non-Sentience.

“Universes simply did not use to exist, and if you go far enough out, I cannot guarantee all this abstract metaphysics ‘within’ stuff, but if you go far enough out you will eventually leave The Universe”}

‘faaar out, man’