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The Oldest Universe did not use Light or Gravity, yet one could see. It was a form of ‘awareness’ that was nearly identical to the way our eyes ‘see’. Vision without light or eyeballs.

Willpower was movement, and one could walk on the ground or walk through the sky. No air needed to breathe, no food needed to survive. No actual water. Plenty of Life but no plants or animals.

The original didn’t have the same type of movement, it was ‘a Being evolving down and within and towards mind, but one that started out with mind, this was going into something similar to ‘just mind’, and ‘body’ naturally happened from the change as a byproduct. The OB Region or Body Being.”For HE invented Bodybuilding before The Universe even existed, before human-like form , HE started Form.”

Since Brahma has been on the Ptah Daydream there was Sight. Communication may have been more direct, like telepathy, due to this having been just one Being now evolved into a few. Language later occurs but it is ‘the intelligent’ coming up with it, not some guttural limited mind caveman. {see OB; and coalescing of Mind into Ptah Zone and The OB Robbed Region for where ‘big strong dumb caveman’ comes in. HE invented the Square, Strength, and Sub-Sentient/Non-Sentient Realm/Universe so even HE was more intelligent than the cavemen who come along faaar later, after ‘The Fall of Creation’.}

The Brahma state is very similar to the normal human state and it is both more advanced and less advanced. The Gods did stuff far off into advanced and this confuses stuff.

“The Mystery in this History is in The Ptah Daydream New Reality, not in Brahma Original Reality Normality. Mundane comes along with OB”