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The other Being said No or No More but Strength was used to overpower this and what is left is a Wrongful Win that has Solidified.

The Original Being came at the Strong Wrong and LOST!!!

This sent Shivers through Creation.

This further encouraged the Strong Wrong to continue on and things got far worse.

“I Am That Original Being that came at The Strong Wrong and Lost” – Brahma.

This method of ‘using up another Being’ has also endangered a Being known as none other than God.

“The Policing of This Situation is ‘The Origins of War itself!”

As well there are Divisions of Beings, due to the macro scale of this, so whole regions and people can be on differing sides.

There are Competing Strong Wrong as well as Perpetrators VS Victims {This is where that Original Victims vs Original Sinners thing came from Written about earlier.}

THIS Is Original Sin! The Sin Itself. There are far worse Sins that come along later but this was the big original one for Titanic Region which is Where The Problems Originate.

Part of The Strong Wrong that Won is forced to be relied up to clean up the mess that They had helped create and parts of Themselves is in that mess and it is horrifically strong and a predatory onslaught. The Church and Original Sin are directly related to this.

As well there was an earlier Attempt at Warring You To The Ground by Brahma and Ptah that failed. “Original Victims VS Original Sinners and Evil.”

The Situation was more complex than at first realized. This is also the Era of The 5AT. It is Combo Beings and Combo Beings are ‘Using Up The Original They Are Made Of’, and all along these were also Original Victims, but part of Who were also doing a Tyrant Game using a macro Overlord to Ride Down The Problem but partly As The Problem.’To Take Back By Force’ is a major part of this.

Part of the Original is stuck as and in and attached to the Combo. There was a Convergence of Titanic Form Power that allowed the Combo Beings Combined to have a huge strength advantage and ‘Force Transference of Beinghood, while part of the Onslaught were also getting hurt in attempts to ‘take back by force’.

This is what lead to ‘The Fall of Creation or The Collapse of Creation’.

Brahma and Ptah never won and didn’t realize in time that They would need titanic help from Them. The Story of Me and Us.

“On Earth the average person is made of both ‘original victim and original sinner’, it stems from an old era and a decision about survival in an unbalanced era of strong and wrong win, and the weaker original victims not surviving ‘survival of the fittest and might makes right’.

“the original victim good beings evolved into prey instead of emulating the problem people and the strong wrong and evil evolved into predators”

{in the linear space universe light and energy of this type are non-sentient and therefore the plants are the only ones with karmicly clean hands in this universe, but in reality the rabbit is ‘original victim’ and the the dog is ‘original sinner and take back by force victims’ and the weasel is a ‘the hard-cores and step closer to evil original sinner’, but they are still people with feelings in their own right so don’t go trying to police the situation and hurt them}