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He needs to get rescued by the government, or someone(s) wealthy.

“hard to believe a mentally disabled person could be that balanced, but like I said I am going through an actual extra-dimensional experience, and it is part physical s well as mental disability, there just isn’t any psychological terminology that at present fits so it is termed as the closest thing that fits until more cases can be studied and perhaps one of the great mysteries of the psychological condition of humans”

They were waiting for this and waiting for you in a way as well, and They are providing psychological buoyancy that no therapy or drug could touch, and They were more balanced than Me, being the stronger and more successful and bolder with less to lose and better chance of win.

“It’s Loudy Duty Time!”

{I’m more of the cage being rattled by the wild animal than the animal that lurks and thrashes. For a Being like Me that is suppose to be ‘retractable claws’ and ‘holstered pistol’; it is Someone Else’s hard-core gone wrong. Problems with Combo Evolution and the strong wrong win. The Titanic Gray God is not the culprit in this but the Lawman and Psychological Stability of John Wayne proportion. The General and The Sarge, The Busdriver and The Boss. The Alpha and The God’s Father.

ME/HE is ‘Working Man Overcometh and Me is Thinking Man Overcometh, and ‘Me’ is a Gunslinger, while He is Your Divine King,}