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You are in the way of the future.

Cornucopia Utopia begins to unravel many things.

One is all the cars, new beneficiaries of the shale oil boom. Dirty money in an era we should have been more converted to electric cars, but it wasn’t supported by a big old business like that, it was fought by that.

Jobs are among the top reasons people are out there with that many cars. Money spent on road projects are out there for jobs as well.

School is another thing, where kids are forced to go to and potentially subjected to bullying, or in close quarters with people who may have colds and such. They are forced to obey some non-family member authority, which prepares them for ‘the realism of life’ which is being forced to obey some jack-asses in even bigger power positions who are not fully trusted by the parents or normal people (non-indoctrinated), and even more important don’t do enough listening and do far too much telling and relying on threat authority and stymieing.

“But now Utopia is come knocking with some legal facts on it’s side, and a more basic bottom line society that undercuts you and your mammoth mammon money making machine and middle men.”

But I’m not here to fight shale oil today, and until further notice you are stuck with the system until you change. And it wont change without a fight, and it won’t win the fight if fought by enough people. This is called ‘politics’.

Let us instead talk about the allocation of tax dollars to non-renewable/self-sustaining things for the sake of profit for one’s big business buddies that supported your political career, for some form of kick back done in the form of laws. Exploitation of the system and the working class from entrenched positions of money and power.

Let us as well talk about ‘jobs’, and how many people do not actually like to work, and many others only sorta like to work. They like to work but they don’t want to have to work. Getting up early to go to work is like unto work, but they would rather go do something else or go back to bed.

Nuclear Armed Cornucopia Utopia is not snake oil, it is ‘the bottom line’, a self-sustaining society that isn’t welfare, and can clean up the homeless and welfare problem without needing to put them back to work, but is instead giving them freedom and hope back that was taken away by a system that wrongfully tried to force them to fit in.

“Heavily farming is Cornucopia, a big security blanket for you and your family beyond what even wealth could provide in a fluctuating system that begins to import it’s food from other nations for the sake of economics and using up the land here. A group that has a habit of using government positions for bypassing logic and laws for the sake of making some big money, staving off legal backlashes, or making a little extra money from a bunch of places to pay off a big debt.”

While Cornucopia Utopia is what your ancestors would have borrowed from our civilization to make their agrarian civilization easier (other than the stupid overly dangerous weapons we are stuck with now that have been built and proliferated).

Instead of keeping what we inherited, part of which they never got rid of as well, and the whole thing moving forward together as it did in semi-corruption and wrongful paradigms foisted on the populace, and still directly descended from monarchy as a style of doing things, the few and their doctrines and control schemes ruling over the taxed workhorse many, irrevocably and filtering out all other voices not in line with their methods.

“the arrogant ‘Realists’ are going to finally be defeated by a larger more factual Realism due to the fact that they actually weren’t using all the facts they were just forcing a system down our throats that had blinded itself to all the other facts it had stymied out for the sake of maintaining power and making money and forcing us with entrenched control into doing things it’s way”