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Carbon Tax still seems to be a big blunder, with no guarantee that the money you gain from it will actually go to the projects necessary as a few years down the out of sight out of mind ye old bait and switch is pulled. It can easily become just another big coffer filler, and coffin nails for the Democrats. Until you halt all expansion into what is left of the wilderness and grow mother nature back up as one of the main parts of your solution you are still little more than the Demonic-rats of the Repugnant-kin.

“I’m going to huff and puff and blow all your little houses down little piggies, unless you steal the one I am selling you”

Socialism should be Out-Invented by Americans.

“We’re keeping Christmas as well, by the way, just the way we found it, but with less work, expectations, and done voluntary but still encouraged as a holiday spirit solidifier. So be you Jews, American Indians, or Wet Blanket Atheists, be warned! Know Well and Noel. Christmas is Santa and Christmas is Jesus and both are associated with God, with Santa secretly resembling God more than Jesus does. Christmas is Christian and not everything Christian was wrong or went wrong. Don’t reinvent history off the parts that did go wrong, nor have grandiose expectations beyond what works works and what doesn’t doesn’t”

The Jet stream, 95.7