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“it is a form of ‘dimension dementia’ where everything you have ever seen and heard is fed back you and you experience it as a first time event and don’t get to remember until after you gaffe and try to take credit”

Part of this originated ages ago from ‘intellectual property theft’, back before a monetary system even existed.

Creativity has been a major part of Evolution from The Dawn of Creation, and the original creativity is closer to that of which you or I would have here on earth, and ‘the creator’ stuff coming along later with Form Creation Era. The Original is Mental and a New Eternal Mind Being(Ptah) that was even more Creative than The Original Eternal Being{Brahma}, being the same Being but in an advanced new state. Ptah as well is doing ‘Ptah Bodies’ and this may have started as an automatic off a resonance within Brahma detected by Ptah, and it is OB Proto Form Strength Beginnings.

“Creating Stuff Out Of One’s Self Uses One’s Self Up” This is Among The Largest Conspiracies Still Undefeated.

The Lockdown is Helping Stop This.

So what is left is that original creativity like here on earth with that creator form creation stuff being basically forbidden due to dangers, and there are advanced methids of stealing intelectual property, developed extra-dimensionally.

There are also ‘the punishment to one of the Beings (Ptah) who was far more Creative than anyone else’, and heavily stolen from of the old evolution of Magic, which doesn’t work in this universe or dimension, but the same mind is also very good at inventing things that do work here.

Brahma does even bette than Pah at linear space engineering stuff, and this is another Prime Target.

But what got done was a way of “feeding everything I have ever seen or heard back to Me as an ‘original moment’ and then getting Me to feel like it was Me, and then secretly trying to bust Me for plagiarism or such” to discredit Me for 2012. But all along things are too far evolved and railroaded to stop this Working Process, that is part of The Big Path and Evolution.

The Average Person is made of a Combination, and Brahma and Ptah are two of the Stock Beings that often got used. So it is a little more complex than a study of Deity in History will portray. That is as well from Old Invaded Era Titanic Throne Regions and is not an accurate portrayal of Who is Who, and Actual Origins, as well as Persona. Elite Inner Combo are also present. A Higher Smaller State Within, and some Being is directly That Region Of Yourself Higher Than You But Smaller.

There Are Also Parts Of Yourself That Are Smaller Stringer Lesser. Some Of These Were Stabilized Invader Regions, An Assault On One’s Self, But One’s Self Built Of The Survivor And Surviving, But Less Creative, Less High Elite Or Genius. “they call this Mortal Man but The God’s are the ones that are slowly dying due to not being strong enough up against titanic forces”

Earth has been under Lockdown though, so the amount of intellectual property theft that can be done in these other realms has been kept at bay.

{“like my new banana splat recipe, it’s not a typo, you just peel the banana and pour some chocolate syrup on it and then dab some whip cream on it, and make sure to have a plate under so it doesn’t splatter the floor or indeed you clothes. Comes in a caramel variety too, and a choco-caramel combo as well. ‘The old poor man’s banana split trick’, or an old cheatin’ way to get your kids to eat their fruit portions”}

The Creator is also a Competitor, by the way… just so ya know!