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This is part of a Process.

There is more: Elevated Role.

“The Working Process is more complex then just Our Separate Selves. There are Large Actions Of Overcoming going on, and it is a Multiple Beings Endeavor”

As well are Styles of Doing, and for a Being like Jesus it is a Great Overcoming in part by Becoming and Overcoming.

But what is left are Shards of Jesus in different states with different beings. Some of these beings(Beings) are from titanic lines and stronger than the original line of Jesus.

What this can do is overload a certain section causing the outcome to be more titan than Jesus. This as well can happen by being Built a certain way, which is amount of stuff that went into it as well as primus override positions, which allow a weaker being to change a stronger being with secret help from and even stronger being, or a group of stronger beings forces on overcoming.

Part of a Titanic Section that is slowly being changed into the likeness of Jesus is what They call ‘The Jesus Statue’. It is not as high but stronger than the original Jesus, as well as being part of His Throne Power within Titanic Regions. {Stay with Healing The Lump with Emotions Tinged by Archangelic Power but still in the weaker emotional state, lit up by the light, healed by the healing, being where we are right Now instead of trying to do or be more; not trying to become that to assist, which overloads the working process, do not try to engage against stronger titanic pillars gone rogue}

“this takes help, and indeed Help, from a bunch of different Beings working towards a single goal, and part of The Church, as an Extra-Dimensional Entity. Beings like The Unsurper, OB Gray God, and sometimes Helios are among the Beings assisting with this, as well as Lines of Titans and Giants. Supreme Brahma, the Highest Form of Brahma, is even more so and Jesus is in part this Being. He. Jesus is as well made of Ptah but Jesus is stronger than Ptah”

Jesus was actually Elected leader by major swaths of Creation, due to Persona, Natural Intrinsic, Abilities. A Real Kingship. Democratically Elected, and Esoterically Installed In Creation by Titanic Means”

There is also The Window of Opportunity, and as things Align there is Potentiality for Higher Expression. This can happen by something that person is doing to intentionally head that direction (such as spiritual practice or emulating a higher Being in part by being surrendered within to the higher power and being a conduit) or by something very like astrological wheel or planetary movement, it just aligns and such and such shines through.

{When things are finally Locked Down and Healed up enough there can be Avatar and Messiah like in the olden days, and that is why there is The Future Jesus, a more Separate Self, which will of course take help from Muhammad to ‘accomplish’ as part of a Containment and Lockdown Process, but as things go this is where things are at and deals with Saving Creation which is more complex than Messiahs, Avatars, and Prophets, and deals with You and Me, built of Them as well as The Dross being overcome or The People Being Rescued from The Invasive Overload}

Tag, You’re It! “not everything was made of God ya know, and when They built Jesus out of you as Aragorn They put some Divine Powers into it. Whoever you are in real life doesn’t matter to Them, and They know the full story better than Me or He, but some people are a Temple and some people are just a Church and there is a different level of inherent spirituality in these, and since We are Buried Deep in some of this is does no good to worry about being more than we are, even as shards of God and shards of Jesus , and pieces of Brahma, etc.”