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If you briefly boil or simmer the veggy bacon in a small amount of water with a touch of oil before you bake or fry them it will help moisturize thus making it more bacon-like instead of too dry but tastes like bacon. While some of the flavor bleeds out into the water the softer texture makes up for it and it’s great for a BLT. If you pre-soaked them in cold water instead of simmering them it probably wouldn’t loose as much flavor. If you infuse the water with herbs and spices it, preferably related to bacon taste, this would not be as much of a problem.

A slightly lower heat over a slightly longer period may further help the moisture content of the veggy bacon, making it more rubbery and crisp instead of dry and crisp.

“Mr Sizzle: the sacred geometrist mind would further theorize along the basic alchemy lines of introducing spiced coconut milk into the process as a fat substitute to help emulate bacon even more”

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