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… did I mention that Off The Wall was the first album I ever bought.

… did I ever mention I was a victim of a similar crime but at a younger age? (I didn’t really remember it due to being thankfully blocked out).

… did I mention there are larger forces at play that overload us with these evils.

It is still not Saving The Whales, which is something that needs to be done, right now, and never assume that the government has got it handled, they do, and the whales are gonna die because of the way they got it handled.

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind is going to Kill The Local Orca Pods.

“in order for the Government to Do The Right Thing it may take a friendly harassment, I mean daily reminders, that road projects go on and on but once those whales are dead they are never coming back, and that is NOT acceptable. Bureaucratic Juggernauts compromised by economics and political infighting won’t Save The Whales in The End(The Present), it is We The People who must step up to the plate and explain it to them, daily if necessary! “

“Understand Gov that there is No Oversight on this stuff as far as We The People being able to Verify Your Policy, and you have an Economic Cold Shoulder for Nature, as well as being stuck in your present ‘laws that get in the way of doing the right things’, which in this case just means We The People need to Take A Hand and Feed The Whales instead of sitting here watching helplessly as your quagmired committees watch them die while they were out of sight out of mind of We The People”

You Do Not Seem To Have This One Handled Government, and this once again calls into question your right to even exist anymore!

The Government Is Once Again Caught Red Handed Of Being In The Way Of The Solution, And Being In The Way Of We The People. It Is The Same Thing In This Case.

We The Solution. You are not the solution, time and time again, We are The Solution, and you are not even needed most of the time it turns out. Too stuck in old control schemes and economic gambits. The Few trying to control The Many can never actually compete with what The Many could accomplish if not being controlled by The Few.

We are stuck in the failings of The Few and Control of Resources and Land and Money who can no longer Due The Right Thing and have too many excuses as to the reasons why. The Reason Why Is Simply Government, it cannot due what it is suppose to duo and never could do what was needed, it is too many people, to many problems, and a big mistake called Economics that The Government wrongfully adhered to.

“in the olden days people would have simply united to confront the problem and got it done as a community; and it would have gotten done already, by We The People instead of the Elite Few who are stuck in a quagmire”

We need orchestration of the events ourselves instead of coning all the power and resources to you to get the job done for us, it doesn’t seem to be working out very well. There is a Bottom Line on this stuff, and after awhile there is a stark contrast going on, and these people who are called leaders and rulers but it just don’t fit, they seem to be more like crooks in some way or can’t do things right, for one reason or another. It’s the institution as much as the people.