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While it is almost impossible in certain circumstances to March or Protest certain leaders, policies, institutions of governance without anger due to the fact that ‘being angry over the behavior of ruling bodies is what brought you here in the first place’, there still is a major factor of what you are up against.

These are entrenched power-bases who resort to using the law to shut you down and look for any angle to discredit and disband you.

In countries with repressive regime governments it could be far worse, with imprisonment, torture, and death as a backlash.

While one might think this is a worthy cause to risk dying for it is not(and no cause really is in the end due to that being the wrong method in the first place for the most part and not worth the damage to yourself to inspire future people who fail as ye did), it does not have enough of a chance of success to expose yourselves to this type of backlashes from wrongful regimes.

It is better to have you, the conscientious person, applying your time towards understanding h problem and preparing for a larger front when there are more of you and you are older. The west is the best, and at most we will just get jail time, so let us do the risking around here, it’s logical.

“Anger leads to the defeat of the protest or march in most cases, and you would need a majority of people in solidarity with you to achieve it with anger, and this is called a revolution.”

Things are not here yet.

But the stakes are still too high to throw away on a releasing of pressure called ‘acting out’ by the clever tactics of lawmakers you are out to change the mind of. It is acting out but it is a real cause as well not just acting out.

That is a real form of corruption being fought that has damaged the environment, wont recognize man made impact on environment and global warming and uses stymie tactics and law reversals to get things done and undone for the sake of economics or profits.

“so the best advice is to keep solidarity with the truth(which means pay attention to the opposing argument as well and investigate your own side as well as theirs, as opposed to blind loyalty) , to be wary of people taking it off course with anger, and to keep things civil and friendly and spelled out and spoken logically”