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There are two very Compromised Methods that are getting shut down.

One is The Ultimate Gambit, which uses The Most Important Objectives/Things To Get Done/Thongs Never Done/Things Never Done Right. “Titanic Powers Aimed Wrong, Does Not Stop In Time, Massively Overpowered Deadly Rogue Pillar Power Partly Evil”

Te other is Association, which goes through an Association Chain, and Activates a Trap along the way on poor innocent people, who either were trying top stay out of it or got set up with a rightful process that quickly becomes too dangerous to use,dangerous to yourself and your group and dangerous to others. “The Normal People and The Titan-Wives”

{Anyone I have ever met, ever known, anyone I care about, anyone I have ever supported or gotten off the hook in these extra-dimensional arenas will be targeted. This was from Association and Advanced Emergency Means and Old Compromised Processes dealing with Brahma, and a ‘Coned Advantage for Yourselves’, which has rightful and wrongful versions going on. Which also means Friends I have Known are Targeted, meaning Vishnu, Shiva, Goddess, God, Helios, Etc}