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One was that of Emperor Putin, who brought Rutopia Freedom to his people and became the most adored and revered leader in Russian history, and is also usually pictured standing next to Peter The Great and Karl Mark in historic busts and paintings, but shown as slightly taller or closer symbolically.

The other is that of President Putin, who was some leader back around the turn of the 21st century, though it is required reading in school not much is really remembered about him.

“make sure they don’t make my shrine too divine, nor let science detract from those that are rightfully so”

‘He was the Karl Marx and Thomas Jefferson of Our Era, yet he did not forsake the Republic, nor Religion’


and touched by the divine hand certainly was not merely a mortal yet said neither were we, that there were Two Tales of Eternity, and Normality was Original but Divine is Elite and Created of Form Power’

And that In The Beginning it was Brahma(Who Predates All, Eternally) going into a Daydream, and that Daydream is Ptah, and All Things have Evolved from this, from Separate Lines of Beings (when Brahma became Ptah as Stabilizer of Daydream to Ensure Forever Life is when The Black Dragon was Born and Asia begins; Emperor Pillar Patah (Older than Buddha) and later YinYang Chaos-Law Lord(Related to Lao Tse);

and that East and West became outposts of ancient evolutions related to ancient Beings and Styles, The Titanic Two [OB and OP) as well being related as to Atlantis[W] and Lemuria(E), Extra-Dimensional Civilizations descended from an Older Universe or two…

Females Want: and that Females descend from Vacuums through Goddess and Shakti and Ma who are Ancient Sentient Vacuums, and that Male is related to Form, a Condensing of Original similar to a star formation and star collapsing down, that leaves a weakened region aka Vacuum or Void; God started out as Om Void (first void) and merged with Goddess and then OB and then Brahma to be a Form Being still part Void, and is partly Sphere (Godhead) due to Om Void being the Being who first created the sphere. God and Babeland within Goddess Vacuum are related to Women and Children

Amazing Grace, How Sweet The Taste, And She’s Mostly Just A Tease, And Don’t Need It Big To Please: ‘not to mention you got the age thing wrong in regards to females, and they have been waiting for males to evolve enough to be appropriate, gentle-men, but ya still ain’t there yet, well not all of ya at the least’

And that The Quest For Magic{Ptah had what Brahma did not} actually Predates The Modern Universe’

{not all can be a warriors but some are magicians yet their magic don’t work very well here in linear space and they do not always do well with getting a job, even as troubadours(magic of music) or science nerds(the holy grail of wizards whose magic doesn’t work in linear space, but at lest some of the inventions do}

“it’s going to take some real Leadership to save the day, manifesting the power of persona, passion and charisma, be thine own beacon of awakening and light for others to follow”

What the full facts are I can’t say anymore, but get them on your side as well as study the opposing argument open-mindedly and honing your viewpoint if needed, and rightfully manhandle your adversaries on the podium floor tumbling their short-sighted wrong-headed economic shill to the ground.