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“It’s gonna take Leadership, and doggedness, and probably gonna take phone calls to those who dropped the ball, phone calls with a firm but friendly stance that we don’t trust you anymore (and have a legal right to tell that to you to your face, or on the phone), we don’t trust your answers or even solutions, and think you are too compromised by economics as a solution.

11th December 1975: Protesters demonstrate outside the Ministry of Agriculture in Whitehall, London, with a Christmas card for the minister. (Photo by Angela Deane-Drummond/Evening Standard/Getty Images)

And We need to see your actual plan, and We The People Need Full Participation In The Implementation, and We The People Need To Have Oversight Over Your Institution That Has Failed And/Or Lied The Whole Time! To do anything else is now illogical and illegal.”

We can’t even trust the manipulated media. This is a well known fact not a conspiracy theory.

“I do not know the actual status of the whales at present but there are also lots of other causes that need our attention and it should be actually checked (independently investigated as opposed to phone calls to the media and government dastardly duo rote motion regurgitation cycle) about the local pods of orca, and if they are indeed starving immediate steps must be taken instead of leaving it in the hands of ‘government as usual’ which is still too compromised by business, as usual”

The Power Junky Tax Dollar Druggies In Government Failed At Saving Nature, But They Tuned It Out, And Spent The Money On Road Projects Instead