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Yeah, America and the old world use to have some very weird indoctrination shit going on in it… it was never fully defeated but it was vastly defeated.

“We are a little more basic and truthful than that elite paradigm crap those people are working off of, but can do a bit of the dazzling stuff as well of course.”

Normality is a more basic thing and defeats whole legions of Ayn Rands, or even Scriptures. There is too much hidden within that stuff that dials it back into a ruler. This is abnormal.

Cornucopia Utopia unravels too many things to stick with the same old already too compromised past things.

“There is a real rightful rulership of Good within existence and within the self often, but it was not as strong as the Bad usurper rulership that came in might makes right era, and corrupted part of the good rulership, nor was it as large as the lesser normal rulership which is closer to self-rule and dawns back to Brahma and The Beginning, but had also gotten partially corrupted by the bad usurper rulership, (as well as grown self-centered as a normal defensive due to extreme situations and dangers to self that were ignored too often by self and others due to original size and ability no longer true but locked as an ancient identity, and assisted to stay afloat with that identity by smaller and stronger and newer aspects of self, as well as warred by similar things)”

Put that in your bible and smoke it! It came from Them.

Assisted is part of the modern normality of the human experience, and by this i mean we are built off more than one being or are merged with stronger and more elite beings or with special softer nicer void beings. The paradigm of the gods is still there to some degree but too much is expressed out into individuals for it to function well enough (not to mention under assault and suffering from Collapse of Creation in Other Realms), and all of that already fit into some normality somewhere else that isn’t directly ‘of the pillar’ but in part lit up by it and prefers the rest of normal and the other flavors as well.

And now let us discuss the other form of assistance. Cornucopia Utopia also unraveled the welfare problem and explained that there was an abnormality caused by the land-owner system and the jobs and economy system, both of which were blindly supported by the government system with funded by it’s taxation system.

“Cornucopia Utopia is not heading towards a welfare system but away from it, replacing things with a self-sufficiency and independence and self-rule that went missing from the ‘communal endeavor for a larger purpose’ orchestrated by an elite paradigm and protestant work ethic and original sin value system which were not dealing with the full truth and have become a conspiracy”

Cornucopia Utopia further points out that Free Time is a huge part of Freedom that went missing from the discussion, and with the modern world and robotic and automated processes there should be far more free time but instead it is stuck in the land owner and worker system, an abnormality. (and this was part of a conspiracy to keep people too busy to rebel, interlocking with another conspiracy to use land and food as a means for control… and by leaving this system in place a form of slavery is left in place)

(there is also the fact that the News Media is owned by corporations and this all lines up with the same interlocking problem and part of a conspiracy to control, and their only realism is the land-owner jobs and worker system and therefore all else is belittled as not realism… but now the scientific facts have come knocking, and pointing their finger at all the right places to unlock your sham and topple your ‘realism’ house of cards, and pundit shills.)