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Humans are made of a diverse set of beings with a prime person at the center, or from your perspective you flow out into other and also larger Beings, and are merged at a place with the larger Being(s) as an ancient extension and enhancement (this is part of Titan-God Throne Power and Divine Heritage as well).

We change in appearance as we grow older not only due to the body aging but also from an old Process that was set in motion that deal with diversity. As well there are bad hair days, days you look a little different (and this is probably not everyone for some are more steady eddy in the spirit body as it were), and those people you sometimes see in the mirror when you look at yourself (beings/people handing around you in other realms or different parts of the overall totem pole being that you are). There is also a normal organic thing going on as far as appearance.

{there is something called a BoB that can wreak havoc on your life or elevate it as well, and this deals with and extra-dimensional platform that is fed to and through you}

There is another principle at work here: “In The Beginning there was only One Being. Multiplicity and diversity are the opposite end of this as is finite, form, void, and mortality.”

Diversity became a very big thing with some of the newer Beings that came early on in Creation, and They made it a big thing in the final product of the evolution of things.

“We as people probably do not or only rarely reincarnate as the same person, it will only be part of that person and set with a different base or group or region. Some people may be different and they are more directly incarnating as themselves”

Incarnating on this ‘earth plane’ is something that we may be trapped in and the chrisitan method is an attempt to prevent that from happening with the power of the self and help of God.

Hinduism has something like this ‘being released from the incarnation wheel’

{don’t be jealous, as you have in the past, when you discover that you made a bad choice in opting for only one incarnation, and don’t go preaching to those wiser than you who have been here many times and evolved much}

Not all of what God does is perfect and His Followers rapidly become a pain in the ass that has to keep up a half lie and gets angry at the truth for it spoils their ‘New Reality’ endeavor, which is not based on Original History or Normality and gets too boring to hold the attention of real beings for very long unless they are from a specific group who in the end alienatethe majority of others with their narrow respectability and their God Fearing logic and rhetoric and laws.

You Christian have a lot to answer for and Must Not Be Allowed To Get Ahold Of America ever again as a ruling body!

You Bring Problems Upon Us!

You need to be confronted and debunked as to how people really view you, how totally illogical, dictatorial, unreasonable, and one-sided you are.

“God really does exist but these stories of omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence are prefabricated and not the actual statistics of God, though God did attempt all of those things (just as did Shiva and Others)” There is No-one that matches those statistics but there are Regions where They tried.

“You Christians are part of a process that made life on earth harder, and have dropped the ball when it comes to Garden of Eden, opting for Control instead, still on some messed up mission to manage others as a way to change the nature of people when all along you are on the wrong course yourselves”

As far as this Great Moving One, well, once again there really is such a thing, I have seen visions related to some of it (though not the places directly spoken of, and in major part due to a divine defensive) but most of what I see is in invaded regions and there is just a bit here and there plus come conversation pertaining to it… and once again it is in a specific location that is not all and everything but is still very important yet of elevated importance; one that comes from ancient evolutions and invaded regions and advanced measures. Incarnating on earth, in fact, has gone through times of danger to the spirit by being on the bottom end of some real nastiness and in smaller states as well. There have been huge pushes at preventing reincarnation. Growing up as well can be a problem and being old, and all the pain one is susceptible to in these advanced organic bodies with their heightened states.

But as well there was a toughness to life and a discouraging need to eat others (or merely just to need to eat, drink water, and breathe air having come from realms where one does not have to do these things).

Some of this can easily be alleviated in the modern world while the rest is not doable in this linear space dimension (at present).

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