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As we drink or do drugs we are naturally in touch with a certain state, as if aligned with it, and this acts somewhat like a sentience dimension door.

There are groups of Beings that may/will be associated through macro reasons and evolved as a group or have been stuck together for ages.

Some if this is from an old ‘overcoming’, though one in which we are also drowning.

Alcohol and drugs have a heightened state that comes along with them and this is used as some form of enhancer, meaning the extra-dimensional beings are getting part of the effect as well.

There is also the old ‘This Is Like Unto That’ which is part of a Classification of Things and an Orchestration of Things. Along with Coned Power and Coned People Power there is a ‘bring down upon thyself’ that comes along with this more than the normal state would think, and this can overwhelm the individual by the group.

“going through a drinking phase in your life can actually bring a BoB along”

“personality changes when we are drinking may as well be somehow and/or somewhat related to all of this”

“not all of this is bad”