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Tethys… that is what my poor in denial mother calls tetrahydronics.

But that is forgivable (bad enough to have me yelling out loud in the garage at odd hours of the night but this whole website things is almost worse).

But lets see, extra-dimensionally. (this is about Goddesses)

  • Didn’t back Me up on Utopia
  • Spent too many ages using Me
  • Got given too many ‘specials’ as compensators
  • Didn’t understand Self-Autonomy enough
  • Locked in a self-slavery defensive posture
  • Wasn’t fully trustworthy enough
  • Too much in competition with Me (and got in the way)
  • Tries to use helping others as a way to in-debt others
  • Too much one-sided truth

This is the actual ancient History:

Women, Goddess, Titan Wives, and Descendant Beings (in varying states of filled vacuum or mergers with others) have actually had a rough time extra-dimensionally. Starting out as a weaker Being, the Vacuum, and having evolved somethings so overcoming, love and sex, and being surrounded by too many and too strong of Beings.

And the Vacuum is Aware and Effected and easily intruded on and overpowered. And overpowered as a tactic in invader-usurper might makes right era is what often happened to the Goddesses.

“well, you wanted to know why women are so odd and those are some of the hidden factors”

(the Original Being is closer to Male than Female, and this makes it ‘too many’ just from that, but it just so happens that the Original Being is who Goddess first Evolved Love with, it was in the more male Form Region but as well part of Original Being coming back through there, which had originally naturally shorn Her up)

But as things Evolved a new Region became more important to Goddess than did Her first love. This is Babeland, the original Baby Beings, called Motes. They are related to Om Void which is the next state beyond Goddess Vacuum, and came from the other/lower side of Form Brahma after the evolution of Final Form Brahma, which is of course created out of and within Form Brahma. FFB is smaller and stronger than FB, and Om Void is smaller and weaker than Goddess. This evolution may have given the idea that lead to Baby Beings.

Another thing happened as well though. On the upper side of Goddess Vacuum is OB Proto Form, ‘another Being to shore Her up’. The Alpha. The Father of God. A place where Form Brahma had been before condensing down into Form Brahma. And left with OB was part of Brahma as an Extension. This predates the Knowledge of Finite, so OB Extension is very large. God is in part this Being, OB, as well as being part Goddess, but mostly Om Void Evolving Into Form. Om Void evolved up into the region of Goddess and this relates to where Mothers and Babies originate. It is Om Void in Goddess Vacuum. This is also where Goddess and God are.

OB Proto Form “The Gray God”

Goddess Vacuum

Form Brama

Om Void

Final Form Brahma “Helios”

OP did not have a Goddess to start out with, and through a Merger Evolution experience fell in love with Goddess who at the time rejected OP as not being intrinsic enough.

OP as well in part evolved a part or region into a Being like a Goddess, and later went even further than Om Void in going weaker. OP is where Zero comes from. OP evolved both a strong and a weak and trued to hover as close to non-existence as possible.

OP is East, part of an old Macro Division being played out on earth through diversity and races and home terrain.

Goddesses of The White West[OB] and Goddesses of The Black East(OP)

OP was on a predatory course though and came back to haunt Goddess and OB and Brahma many times over the long haul. OP now had a Goddess as well by doing Form Condensing, and Kali is related to that tale. There is also Shiva, a Male Vacuum, and Shakti, a Strong Female Vacuum, and these evolved with OP more than OB. And of course there is Ma, who is related to Absolute Brahman region. A part of Original Brahma that became Grey Brahma and was helping OP powered up the wrongful process and we are still untangling ourselves from this dangerous mess.

OB and OP Mergers are common among the smaller newer beings. There are both common and elite, as well as form and void, and large and mote.

“oh yeah, buster!? well sometimes mommies need help, too!”