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But you were either divided and conquered, had your head shoved up your ass, or did just fine in the present system.

“Many to most people would like to retire early. Do you why that is? Because they don’t want to have to work”

Job is the middle-man that gets to get cut out of the picture.

There is a way everyone can retire early. Scientifically factual. More intelligent than the present system we live under.

The Key Log in the end becomes Landowner. And this can easily be challenged from a rational standpoint. Forcing people who are born on this planet to pay for a place to live is illogical and illegal, and straight usury.

And you don’t get to own resource land nor have patents on stuff vital to the civilization that needs to be built. You get to be debunked. “The method of the greedy elite few foisted on everyone so they can exploit the situation”.

Those who did not have the foresight to see how important this would be do not get to go on being the voice of realism.

Hardship after hardship is foisted on people so they can fit into your illegal society.

You stymie self-sufficiency like blood sucking parasites.