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The other side of the story is that ‘the civilians don’t like being told what to do’

The civilians see clearer than the government does, locked within it’s status quo limitations of landowner jobs creation taxation economic system.

It does too much of it’s own thing and too much ignoring what the civilians are saying.

Indicators are pointing that you cannot have the current system and save the planet, it is too costly. And you come up with some bold plans but you have a bad track record in the end.

So, this comes down to ‘the civilians telling the government what to do’ in their own lands that you are out of place trying to be rulers of. “no really man, it’s totally illogical and to be declared illegal”

“do you know how much the average american just loves to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 11 months a year, for 40+ years?”

They hate it enough to overthrow your government and build a new more intelligent system that all of the power is not coned to the few and their closed door antics in their big taxation and money maker.

A society with free utilities, ‘we built that and maintain it ourselves’.

A society with free time’, ‘most of our food growing is automated’.

A society that has time and reason to save the earth from further degradation for the sake of someone making money.