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If you pussyfoot around too long instead of being decisive you can end up with a worse situation.

Sometimes you really got to take out the bad government and a real change happens to a bad situation you are enduring through. (and next time let the liberals handle the formation of a new government and constitution for the people, ok guys?)

Making peace with everyone is the big goal but on the way there is a sad realism of the types of governments around the world. All propaganda aside they are brutal to their people and kinda need a bloody nose.

War unfortunately causes civilian casualties as well as the destruction of towns and cities and historical old buildings. This is the lesson of the left side of the aisle.

Supersonic armed drone bombs may be better able to handle surgical strikes with a better rate of non-collateral damage, being able to scan the area and programmed with consideration for life. Warning beacons could also be used on the location to give a 15 minute warning of imminent missile strike. Incapacitating and capturing the enemy military instead of killing them is the next legendary milestone for America. You want us to support your war machine? Then lets do a better job guys.

“A place should be made for temporary mass refugees to flee from war to as well as an early final warning given, helping vacate the country you are warring and thus lessening civilian casualties… but don’t expect revolution from a broken or loyal people.’

A neighboring country and military perimeter, securing a border for escape. Or if needed a long military corridor into another region or just attack and occupy part of the country as a safe haven. You may help spur a rebellion now that the cavalry is here to save them instead of just the bombs, tanks and guns marching in.

The war hawk is uncaring of this and would just as soon kill them all to prevent further problems.

“it is a very utilitarian and efficient, and hell-bound method… one final note on that: scientific atheism is not the truth either and there is a real fate that awaits that isn’t as cut and dry as the scriptures say, and you could end up a right wing christian in an islamic hell, and God will caste His gaze away from thee, for there are many things you can get away with on earth that really will carry a vast punishment, and almost none of them have to do with porn, prostitution, sex, drugs, and rock n roll, but do deal with excessive war and the destruction of nature and mother earth”

{and that is the lesson from The Big Path side of the aisle, and this ain’t 10 Commandments, I am seeing and talking into another dimension every single day, and Muhammad, your future jailer, could really come back to haunt your american ass, for while the scriptures may not be 100% accurate (and sometimes are overly strict and use an almost bluff threat to get you to obey and adhere to a higher conduct in attempts to overcome ancient problems) they are based on real things in some cases. They are in a state of helping us overcome ancient titanic invasive overloads that cause us to do bad things in our zeal}