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The religious authority and the military authority belong in the background.

The ruler is not autocratic or authoritarian. The military is strong and respected but not prominent in politics

Propaganda is not used to cover the antics of the government while they shrug of corruption or bad decisions.

The rights and status of every citizen in the nation is elevated to near equal that of the government and collectively are greater.

The leader is elected and of the people not just the elite few or military men (though never overlook the good qualities that can come with these things). The vote is counted by the people not the government.

The police and judges are 100% disconnected from the rest of the government and are beholden to the people and work more with the citizens and act as a bulwark against corruption (and are prone to fewer abuses caused by the juggernaut centralized authority and their stern control methods). Real ‘man of the people’ type guys.