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You need to do a far better job at explaining Global Warming in plain english to the average person if you want to spend that much money and sacrifice that much on a single issue.

You are not speaking the same language as the normal people.

Science is not very understandable to the average person when it is filtered through your self-importance and alien language of terms.

They need basic explanation, accurate correlations, full disclosure of facts vs guesswork, full explanation of guesswork, no overstating things, and a full history and explanations of the political and economic mitigating circumstances behind the opposing argument making non-science based decisions… and quit upstaging environmental degradation and beleaguered condition of animals.

(things that need direct help and are not taxable nor money making… for instance saving the whales is closer to feeding and healing the sick and prevention of or removal of toxins from the water as opposed to saving the whales through reducing carbon emissions while you give the whales a wide birth to prevent disturbing them while you given them a cold shoulder to die on )

This plain language explanation process needs to be done over and over again instead of relying on some arguments that have already been whittled away by wormtongues.