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For example: some medicines cost a lot and you need to find out if it is scarcity and difficulty or patent and usury.

And you need to shut the usury down.

It doesn’t belong in an economic system and especially does not belong in the medical industry.

When you find out how things are made you need to think along the basic logic of how can we make more and how can we make more inexpensive instead of listening to the lies being told to cover the greedy.

And you need to understand robotics and automated processes and reproduction capacity, pertaining to the difficulty and scarcity argument.

“part of the entire civilization we live in needs to be reinvented and it is actually easy to do because it deals with more basics and logic than the present system does”

In certain areas too much wage money and profiteering is being made off of us along the way to getting our needs met.

Getting our needs met is more important than the clever economic system that it is presently filter through.

Think things through on your own instead of going off of the common wisdom told by the perpetration in progress.