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“part of Brahma was smaller than God but most of Brahma was bigger than God… and Brahma always was the older, the actual Original Being”

Creation Template:

Original Brahma

—– Titanic Realm

——— God

——Form Brahma

Brahma cannot operate well enough through Titanic Realm that is both stronger and partially a predatory trap against Brahma.

God is stuck on the underside of Titanic Realm. Through certain Titanic Beings like Supreme Brahma and OB-Gray God there was a Partial Space made for God to make it through but this get heavily under assault at times.

There is a Hole in Form Brahma as well that weakened Brahma, and Hole is related to God’s Origins. Cupid is related to this as well, Cupid is part of Original Being as Baby Being. Om Void is Origins of Baby State and Origins of God as well. Om Void is within Form Brahma, and the Hole was made so part of Om Void could come up into Goddess Vacuum, where God was Born. Om Void is also creator of first Sphere.

Proto Form Gray God ‘Alpha

Goddess Vacuum

Form Brahma

Om Void

Final Form Brahma (Helios)

Helios was a further condensing into Form from Form Brahma. This is smaller and stronger than Form Brahma, as well as within.

God was Void attaining Form but Helios is Form attaining Void.

Helios is Golden Halo.

Supreme Brahma had merged with Form Brahma and made Final Form Brahma.

Final Form Brahma was the first Being, small strong energetic Form, that was like a ‘sun’. This is part of where the whole ‘sun god’ comes from, though on earth that changed with creation of pantheons.

For the record just about every known ‘sun god’ would get scorched to death in the actual sun. They come from ‘other dimensions’ that do not have the extremes that the Modern Universe does.

Due to Eternity the Beings do not seem older than The Universe, but We don’t really age out beyond this universe unless in specific states or regions. And sometimes that means We really don’t grow up, and quit trying to make us.

{these are from History that is more credible than some They feed Me, and some part of Me can verify certain things from an older perspective… surety of belief can mean nothing, one could have had experiences that lasted millions of years but things were not as they seemed, and named differently… and this is part of what did happen}

Humans ‘weird history with gods’ has some extra-dimensional facts along with it, it isn’t the facts of the actual gods but the facts of things like gods that do exist in other realms related to our spirit, but the tales that come along are not always factual and this was part of a way to ‘remake creation’ that floundered out as the same gods got older and tired of the artificially high paradigm they can never fully be.

Certain Beings, such as Buddha and Jesus, really do have a special type of Purity and Build of Being that makes them Elite Spiritual and not a disappointment to the seeker.

Bigger Beings such as Brahma are a lot more boring, and can be a danger to these smaller newer Elite Beings. This is far more so when dealing with Titans, who are ancient enemies of but stronger than the Deity. We had to make peace with these ‘lessers’ who were winning all the time.