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Due to old Extra-Dimensional Laws there is a ‘prevention of direct contact’ and as well things were designated for ‘the more intrinsic Beings’, so this is Who will be doing all that miracle direction stuff. This is from evolutions more intrinsic with you, a more family and familiarity and indeed appropriateness.

Brahma was part of these evolution but was too big and too under assault for too long to be more part of this evolution.

The stuff still exists in potentiality and with Them it becomes more of a real effect. 2012 is almost brushing up against this.

Many beings from extensions and theft were partly made of Brahma, and Brahma granted most of them Freedom… but too many times We are not of a ‘meeting of the minds’ so get out of My way and let Me build Utopia and Save The Earth’s Natural Habitat and Old Buildings while Mr and Mrs ‘Presto Magic Deity’ gear up for Their ‘whenever’ Future Perfect… and since things are Stuck the way they are You will not be able to get out of My way to do this, so You better go do this Yourselves for Our Benefit.