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Effects that Light Up or Enhance.

Things that are distant but attached to.

Things projected onto.

Things within, or smaller pieces of things within (a small high energy sentient pillar in a larger void being would light it up with sentient vibrations causing them to hum a bit inside).

God is a way is an Evolution within Goddess that is doing this.

God is a Void Who Merged with Goddess and attained Original God and then Merged with Form and became God. It is a Soft Power. God is a Form Power within Goddess.

These are Ancient No Sex Zone, and almost all other males or beings are not suppose to be near these special regions that are very special but weaker.

Helios is another Being that also later Merged with Goddess and is more of a Hard Power, though also extends into Void State so has a wide range.

God is more Angelic and Helios is more Archangelic.

Emotion is also among the divine effects. Love between two Beings of Goddess’ Love for The Cute Motes (original baby beings).

There are also internal states of emotion and being lit up or jacked up by sentient pillar power from installed portion or larger connection to a regional Being with these specific effects.