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It just so happened to be the Original portion, dealing with The Actual Beginning that even The Gods remember not.

One of the major contributors and reasons it is still available is Shiva, Who cannot get a full grasp on His own Birth due to too many Reality Rewrites and Alternate Realities. Shiva is some big Vacuum Being that dates waaaaay back to near Dawn of Creation.

God’s Birth being a Void that attained Form and the Original Stock and Region are accurate. God as well continued to evolve larger and larger through extensions out into Alpha and Brahma and Supreme Brahma, and due to ‘God’s Need to Save His Region’ there is a lot of focused Help coming to God from Beings that are secretly larger… and ‘thou shalt not compete with God in thy growth out into larger elder Beings’

“In The Beginning there was only Brahma and eventually Brahma first went into a Daydream, and that Daydream is Ptah, and all things have descended from this or the descendants of this”

This is functionally accurate. You could write that as a myth and some future scientists would eventually verify it.

There are two other states that Brahma went into proceeding Ptah Daydream, and not much is remembered yet of these Times, and this is do to ancient assaults on the regions which were akin to relative infinities that were smaller stronger parts of Original Being and heavily targeted for Resources for Takeover in Invader-Usurper Wars of Ancient Times. Part of one of the Region went Predatory on Original Being and part of the Other got turned Predatory against Original Being, but mostly stayed loyal and was partly Re-Merged with the heavily taxed out and beleaguered Original Being.

This is The Tale of Me, Brahma Brahma-Ptah Ptah, ‘an Ancient Merger’. Brahma-Ptah was the First Change of Brahma, the Contemplative. Proto-Ptah, the Region that went Predatory, is the Trance-like. Part of this Region later became a root resource part of The Serpent.

Brahma- Original Being

— Brahma-Ptah ‘contemplative state’

—- Proto-Ptah ‘trance-like state’

——- Ptah Daydream

Those are not only States of Consciousness but Regions of Being as well. Brahma was going down and within and into a more mental state. This caused a major change that lead to Dawn of Creation. In fact The Tale being Told is Pre-Dawn of Creation by biblical standards. Ptah Era is actual Dawn of Creation though, but this predates God, Allah, Jesus, Buddha. It is a whole different Era, a more ancient time of freedom creativity and oneness and change.