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When China changes then Hong Kong and Taiwan will have no problem being part of China again, and Tibet will be Tibet.

You need to move towards a fully democratic People’s Democracy of China.

Then things are naturally falling in line with larger truths and reconciliation.

The People’s ‘Republic’ of China is/was not a People’s Government, and this is what Republics do in the end, they mimic monarchy and military rule.

The People are not fully represented in this type of institution, and it views the people suspiciously because it is a wrongful control that must be maintained with fear and brute force, as opposed to a People’s Government.

In the USA we have had similar problems with our own inherent Republic.

Republics are good for military defense and this invaluable, but they need to be in the back-ground not in the ruler’s seat.

‘if you train to fight you will be more prone to wanting to fight, it is a normal warrior reaction, but it means you will be more prone to pick a fight and therefore belong in the background instead of at the helm of government’

In making a change you will want to learn from and get ahead of the USA when it comes to democracy and vote, which are very easily lead astray and mishandled. Any improvements you make to democracy and vote can in turn be utilized by other democracies, including the USA, to help defeat the entrenchment into and mishandling of power positions.

The USA is way ahead in some manners but the landowner system and power-positions were still too much of a lure to our Forefathers, so the system is not fully set up right yet, and it hadn’t been properly extrapolated past homesteading.

“this isn’t about national pride and team spirit it is about democracy and the freedom and happiness of the people, and it has been evolving for a long time and needs to be given the finishing touches.”

There is a really easy path to follow, so easy it is missed, it can be seen as entering into a two party bargain:

Your Part: you voluntarily make the change as leaders on your own.

Their Part: they don’t chop your heads off after an unneeded revolution.

Just kidding. The actual deal is that you make the change as leaders and earn your rightful spot in the hearts of the people and in history. These are ‘times of greatness’, and these are not faked greatness of propaganda but the real historical event that future people will point to as the great changing moment and the leaders who made the change. It is a real change, a real appreciation.

Even a leader with a bad corruption history can make these changes in long slow irrevocable steps and be rewarded with the rightful adoration of the people due to being the one who brought this great and lasting boon to the people. The petty-minded drag you down and demand full payment in prison for your actions but much more valuable service can be rendered and is driven away by the petty-minded, and slow long excruciating years ensue of living under the tyranny of the corrupt system. If you are really good and sincere at making this change you will be winning re-election without propaganda.

There are some ‘basic disciplines’ you will need to adhere to:

chopping heads off

secret prisons

secret money deals



and things of this sort