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Changed the Nature of Sentience.

This was a Massive Form Expression of Strong Over Original. The Memory and History of Prior Events are no longer remembered and a New Perspective is in its place. Not all of this was a good thing.

This is a veritable hyperbolic collapse of part of the sentient universe, though it never got small.

It didn’t effect this universe but effected the sentience.

The major reason seems to have been a collapsing of certain internal parts of Beings and this getting into a ‘no longer kept track of’ evolution which was posing danger to a weakened larger section, and this is Titanic Realm related. This caused a ‘reaching down into Creation and grabbing a hold of parts of Self and Condensing Into Stronger Smaller Macro Section, which got in turn fed from Larger Regions .

These Larger Regions (this goes all the way out into Brahma) were also wary of getting used up but helped out this endeavor as an offensive defensive posture, with the old identity of being ‘the big guy’ or ‘the biggest guy’, both of which had greatly dwindled and were not the absolute that had been hoped for in the dangerous philosophies that had ensued about eternity and infinity and indestructibility and original being nature.

This later Evolves into A, and is related to Allah, Atlas, Mt Olympus, Zeus, part of God and even more of GOD, which also means Chronous, who was made out of Cronus, who in turn is not always on the right side of things, though those Greek Era tales deal with some bad regions where weird things occurred, and of course the greeks had some of their own weird things occurred which are also probably extra-dimensionally related.

Freedom from Titans and Gods is also part of Our Quest, but War Them Not.

In certain Regions these Big Beings can be an overload or oppressive force and people need space and freedom from this. In other places due to specific evolutions we are all stuck on the same totem pole or in the same area, and people need space from this as well.

The quest for freedom from the gods and titans is a real one, it just isn’t detectable from earth.