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Same landowner system and controlling the people through land and food.

Same dictatorial governments around the world still not evolving enough.

These things are even somewhat related. They use part of the same method that you are. You are not running the show well enough to set a better example or build a better civilization, despite all the improvements made to the civilization, you chose control from the top and it screwed up the evolution of a civilization.

The few ruling over the many using a criminal control method disguised as a lawful society.

2012 is world wide rage on a world wide stage, but it is one packed with other-dimensional info, onslaughts, players.

We have been at war with things a lot longer than you think, longer than humans have even existed. We are people from these other dimensions. We are part of the many ruled over by the few. There is a ‘big power exploit’ done by titanic and predatory, and this is part of the strong few ruling over the weak many.

It is indirectly and directly related to ‘cowed populations of earth’ that if they would just unite and prepare could overthrow every corrupt government in the world. They could not do this in another dimension, however, due to size and scale and power difference.

2012 is a world wide rage on a world wide stage. Part of it is civil and part is uncivil, part is civilian and part is military, part is good and part is bad. Part of it is aimed right and part of it aimed wrong.