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{these are from old shows I have watched or stuff read, but it is being fed through another backdrop of verification, and tidy-up… it’s all being ‘Replayed’ in My Memory as a ‘First Experience’, kind of a ‘Mem or Me’ Lane, this is what a lot of these Extra-Dimensional conversations do, and this is due to some other ancient evolutionary debacle or another… and one of the things They were trying to do was make a Master Handbook for Human Future, and another was Steal Everything By Claiming To Have Done It First}


There is always the great hope of using light itself to propel stuff at speeds closer to light speed. This still won’t get you too far.

One of the wackiest of all of these potential space flight things deals with an extra-dimensional connection.

A black hole is just going to make a hole in space. There is nowhere to go even with a warp. The fabric of space is too much void already, where do you expect to go? Space itself may be unaffected by a black hole. It is just a void that the big bang happened in. A black hole is like a field effect that is locked in place, and it effects matter.

If there was some sub nature left to the void of space the black hole could have an effect on this. But if the stuff just gets used up instead of bound up all that is happening is that the void is becoming a truer void. If it gets bound up then the field effect of the black hole can be having an effect on the sub nature of space. Is space a void or a vacuum? Is the vacuum part of space or part of the what is left of big bang that blew out into the void of space?

If everything is relative we could be moving through stuff that is more dense or real than we realize but we are in a strong state, a strong reality as it were, in comparison to it, if relatively it acts as a void in comparison to the universe but actually isn’t on a deeper undetected level. This is no better than folds in space.

So what would have to happen is an outside force coming in towards earth and linear space universe. How would it get here? Something very very very big and sentient could get here quicker than imagined due to size difference. ‘As an ant looking up into a big tree it is a very far distance but for a giraffe it is merely a lift of the head’.

So this would approach us very rapidly out of seemingly nowhere. Due to life being on earth there may already be some old framework laid out millions of years ago. The Being in question would simply follow the trail to earth. It is also obvious that a very large being could pose a very large danger accidentally to a small planet and tiny people, but They may operate in smaller parts of Themselves in order to stay of a more relative size and not make the big being mistake of accidental harm.

Of all these ‘space flight solutions’ this wackiest one has the guarantee of actual ‘Warp Drive’ in what it can do if not the actual warp drive engine. These are Beings that can take us out and put us back in over huge distances in a decent amount of time. Smaller portions lead to bigger portions and things move on the bigger scale and then get passed back to the or a smaller portion to finish the space flight.

yeah but where?’

This is a good question and the whole original inspiration of this post is that this ‘2012 Great Awakening’ Dual Dimension Experience that I am undergoing just so happens to have Communication with Other Dimensions, so I think it may be more available then at first thought. If it does exist even. Remember that Alien Interaction on Other Dimensional Levels could be written about by Humans to document important Historical events or contacts going on in other Realms near Earth.

And beyond this is the ‘incarnating’ thing, which means some form of Alien can end up in a human body. Telepathy from Other Dimensions as a Direct Input into Sentience hits you from where you cannot see it or defend yourself from it.

Aliens definitely exist in these other dimensions, there are blips and flashes bringing verification of ages of it, as in some past experience was there and remembers, was apparently stored this way. These guys are also somehow entrenched around bases for incarnating relative to Earth and it may be an old conspiracy control scheme.

The compromised regions of The Deity cannot do much about stuff but there is a long slow process overcoming things. There are many major macro Beings of a bad nature, so things kinda turn out similar to the problems of earth though things are different.

Warp Gates really could exist though, this being some kind of ‘call to a larger entity that comes through to assist in long distance travel’. And things have been shut down or shut off as both a defensive posture and to allow Humans a space to grow and be different. (these Other Dimensional Arenas can be too entrenched to cope with)

But let us get back to some of that classical style metaphysics.

Vibrational Change Changes Nature Of Reality. This allows us to ‘lift’ or ‘sink’ out of this Dimension. As you move out of this Reality you are less effected by the space-time relative to Linear Space.

By changing vibrational nature you are accessing a multidimensional nature within the build of the universe. If you have dark matter and dark energy and sub-atomic and atomic regions there may also be some form of Dimensional Connection inherent within these sub-zones.

You would have to have a large amount of Matter to make a Warp to another Realm. You cannot do it in air or space. Locked within the nature of reality at a sub-level are other dimensions that were already part of the basic building blocks of the universe. We exist in a Reality on the Surface part of Matter. We already do not see the Molecular or Atomic Reality. Just as this exists there may be another element to this.

But in the end, just like the black hole making just a localized hole, you would just be making a room in another dimension, a localized isolated place. There is a hope that you could find some kind of sub-atomic conduit that acts as a sub-space, but all this may do in the end is give you a flying field free of debris, and you could be a major disruptor danger to atomic matter. If there is hoards of space in the atomic and sub-atomic realm then space may be more than we think it is. But there is said to be few atoms floating in space so space is just space and atomic nature is related to matter, not the void of space.

On another note due to another element of reality Light may be a perfect Media for Manipulation of Multi-Dimensional Nature.


The key to space travel is moving out of space.

By producing a ‘certain effect’ you access a different dimension.

Certain things respond to certain frequencies.

Frequency Response Astral Door.

{thinking along these lines may help open you up to the previously mentioned extra-dimensional experience in question… it seems to have been in part set up that way, and They are already closer than you expected, but not in linear space, They are close to you on some sentient level, the you that is incarnating in a human body}