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The Big Path likes to engage in Retrospective Thinking, going over History and conceptually making the changes that should have been made. It doesn’t really achieve enough but it is a Prime Routine set in motion ages ago, and in some cases if enough people are in agreement could make changes in Civilization.

The White Corridors are what should have evolved of America.

A mostly Indigenous People’s land with a skeletal framework of white western towns and white western military outposts.

This would not further encroach on American Indians and would be both a Defense Against Foreign Powers and a Gateway To The Outside World. Trading between these two groups would also have ensued.

{Utopia could some day do a similar thing, and trading between these two groups will ensue, hell we can even get you some cheaper labor. The current system does not understand that the very laws it steeps itself in are somewhat nullified due to the fact of whose country this really is. You do not actually have the legality to put yourself there as the legality.

The Big Path understands things better and is not lost in some unrealistic remove the white people paradigm. It forges forth with the best paths possible to cover the whole of the situation. So you may laugh at this in the present but you are not dealing with the full legal truth and eventually will have to.

The Big Path will have been ahead of you Laying Down The Law of The Way Things Will Go, so you don’t keep making the same mistakes and leading others to make the same mistakes. The Big Path may make the same milkshakes but it don’t make the same mistakes.}

“The Big Path would further like to see an end to immigration and a large increase in the Native American Indian population. It would also like to see a huge rebirth of the old nature world that got mowed down by landowners and business who came from foreign shores and made bad decisions in lands they or their kind or ancestors stole.”