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There is a whole lot that the people in the government have to keep track of so it is already a frustrating job.

When we get angry with people from the government, whether it be at town hall meetings or on the phone with the veterans administration, it causes them to react in a certain way. We end up causing ourselves unneeded hardships.

But on the other side…

There is a certain stymie tactic and does seem to be a make people jump through hoops done as a way to filter out as many people as possible. This brings anger and frustration.

The government as well needs to back off the authority attitude. This isn’t the normality you pretend it to be and it brings a backlash from normality. This authority attitude is also counterproductive and causes people to react a certain way. It is a totally logical response and you should cease and desist from any more attempts to remove it from us. Authority is not what you think it is. You hide behind goon squads.

So… as usual, as much as I would like to do something just straight up good for the government there are all these other things that jump in that are mitigating circumstances.

We no longer concur that there needs to be this large unifying authority that you keep railroading down our throats and running back to the same positions you really don’t seem to belong in. See, the reason we no longer concur is that every single time we have had this debate you instantly ran back to those positions and continued on with processes we have already stated we don’t concur with.

So while there needs to be some agreed upon guidelines for the conduct of citizens there does not automatically need to be this big group of leaders, beyond being mere outposts of the functioning services and military. And a figurehead or few.