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It’s only partially humor and is a bit more than partially true.


And on another note for all them perpetrators and culprits:

understanding ain’t forgiveness but these is also a Message about the condition people are in and how people have been stuck in old invaded regions and specifically targeted, and including overreaction ostracization that is it’s own neurosis that is part of something that happened to the more balanced and uneffected people policing the situation”

So what goes on further is that Morality has caused it’s own problem and some perversion is just normality being misnamed and persecuted.

Religion and abstinence are right for some people not for everyone, in fact it is some person’s nicer normal being wrongfully foisted on the rest of people.

“Jesus was God’s New Law, and someday another Muhammad will be Allah’s New Law, and it will also be closer to Normal than the Old Emergency Routines that lead to Strict Governance and Demanded Adherence. If you saw some of the regions and states that people are in this strict thing would seem a lot more logical but when it gets Written into a Divine Law it becomes A Crime against The People, the majority of which it never actually applied to but are not from the Region of Overcoming Problems that The Law originated in.”

Another thing is that The Divine IS capable of making mistakes and being inaccurate.

The Divine is an Elite Perfection Pillar Power not capable of making mistakes… until it steps out into a larger whole with more complex situations and an older normal… gettin’ by just fine and far more interested in the opposite sex and having fun than in sacrificing one’s life to pray or meditate long hours everyday… as this is another Elite Paradigm that works miracles for some but does not work well for many (you can include Asia and Buddhism in this one)

So for Now with Me we will be doing other things than The Messiah would do, which is Partly Lighting Things Up around Here at the same time.

“I am not a Smorgasbord” is said by The Ancient Emperor of Infinity.

But I, part of Me, is a Big Oceanic Being (as opposed to Form Pillar Power aka The Ancient Emperor of Infinity, ‘Me’, or King of Infinity, He), and am closer to being a smorgasbord due to what actually evolved within as different regions with different abilities and different personalities.

“different ways for different days, different peaks for different weeks, different dears for different years, and different sages for different ages”

Heaven is The Temple that God Resides within.

Even God’s Temple resides Within Somewhere and Someone Else. And that Someone Else Resides within Brahma, but is goes back to Normal the larger it gets, the further away from Elite Light Form Creation Pillar Power.