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Once stuff gets engaged it needs to go back to safety instead of finishing the job, which works with an extra-dimensional investigation and will have a fight involved.

Whether it is just bickering or busting people or a normal bar brawl or just deserves payback it all leads to the same disaster. You are up against stuff too dangerous and strong that uses a Hostage Realm situation so even busting the people with an Investigation leads to the death of hostages and an inability for you to strike back and defeat the problem people and region.

{this is among the most ‘cutting edge’ pieces of Info when it comes to these extra-dimensional arenas… and Shutting Down Old Processes set in motion is a lot of what Modern Day Armageddon is, and for The Record this will take help from Titans, and thus powerful racially biased Conservatives}

{The Origins are in A Bunch of Beings of Infinite Size, and One was Larger than the rest and Predates All Others. But what happened is those Ancient Parts of The Original began to both use up too much of The Original Source as well as They Began To War. And a Big Being could slowly lose for ages and ages and what They are losing is Their very Beinghood.