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It turns out though that I was once a Writer in another dimension named Peter Ptah who would Write Books and lay down to Dream Them and They Would Be Real Realms and eventually there would be real other Beings in these Realms.

Invasions were happening in these weaker causal realities and done as a usurpation of The Creative Ptah; and a normal process of too many beings in the weak causal reality realms made of Ptah-Baby Ptah and Shiva and Om were causing an insanity.

Peter Ptah was also a Combo Being, and an Oceanic Form Pillar in an Oceanic Larger Self. Peter Ptah was the most creative Being of those times and this was a coveted thing for creating things and creating new things was the rave for ages and ages and ages and still it…

Things have been hidden and creativity a bit shut down, but this is part of the history.

Ptah and Peter are not dissimilar and have a common origin and that origin is Ptah. Peter is an evolution of Ptah done through Mergers.

Ptah is one of the oldest of all Beings and the Evolution goes all the way to here on earth through the ages, thousands of years, 30 thousands of years and more. Ptah’s Evolution here may actually predate life in the Universe, and be part of it’s origins along with other Deity including Shiva, who worked with Ptah and Creativity very heavily.

The Pied Piper and Peter Pan seem to be ‘descendant’ things, both have a similarity to Peter Ptah.

“your very creativity is part of your sentience and your sentience was made by Merger and Combo of different Beings, and some of what you creatively visualize is inspired from ancient evolutions that we have been through or were the evolution of one of the Beings that you are made of”

(Ganesha is actually a whole lot Ptah with a chunk of Form Brahma, and a lot Baby Ptah with a smaller piece of Form Brahma, and as well part OB-Absolute Brahman-Form Brahma-Shiva and of course part Shiva, though there is a Little Shiva and Baby Shiva that are the real Son of Shiva, and Ganesha is a Merger Combo Being that is Different in Person and made of other stuff. Ganesha is part of who Peter Ptah is as well as is Baby Ptah. There are most like different regions and a merger of many, making it a many and one and the overall Being that is most there is Ptah)

From Realm Mergers there is a bit of Hidden Deity in the Realm, and this is who is in part Making The Book Into Realm. But as well there is larger a of part of Ptah that is Peter Ptah there as well doing the same thing. The Book Dream idea most likely came from Baby Ptah who was out ahead of most at this type of thing.

We really did invent a lot of stuff but it is dimensions that the magic works in.

“According to Shiva the actual origins of Ganesha are an extension for Baby Ptah or Baby Ptah-Om to grow into, and it was made of beings such as Absolute Brahman and Shiva. Part of Baby Ptah is a small piece of a very large weak Being that is was the remnant of Ptah after Brahma Awoke. A small piece of this in a Condensed State and probable with an Om Merger becomes Baby Ptah as known today.

Baby Ptah and Baby Ptah-Om is a very creative being, and a direct other evolution of Ptah who was more creative than Brahma the Original Being, for Ptah is Brahma down in Brahma’s Self and Mind as it were.

The Imaginary Self of The Original Being was actually real due to the original oneness nature of The Dawn of Creation.

The Advent of Finite is on the tale end of Form Journey Strong Self Identity and coupled with Intentional Diversity as both Self-Evolvement and Defense Against Being Swallowed by Larger Forces within Creation or by Brahma Re-Awaking from Ptah Daydream. Which may just have been part of an of Brahma that fell into The Daydream Region as had Absolute Brahman (who was is in some tales part of OB that had fallen into Ptah Daydream). There is a whole line of Brahma related to that rat bastard and all the ill that was done in attempt to escape Creation and become Brahma again”

‘thou shalt not contest with babes’ is The Law that ye shall live by, and this errant part of Brahma did indeed pit Himself against Om, Baby Ptah-Om, Om Motes, and God. Om and Om Motes are Original Baby Beings of Creation, from near The Dawn of Creation. Part of Om evolves into Goddess and this is Original God. At some point as well, before or after that, Om condensed on Self and ‘creates the first true sphere’, and this mesmerized creation, this perfect and smooth shape. Void Condensed On Void.

The Godhead is Round and it faaaaaaar predates the human head.

From Original God the next evolution is beyond Goddess and this is into the OB Region above Goddess Vacuum.


OB Proto Form New Form ‘The Gray God’ Alpha

Goddess Vacuum

Form Brahma (evolution in assistance to and likeness of OB)

Om Void -> Sphere

Final Form Brahma -> Helios ‘the sun god’, the first condensed super ball.

Helios ‘I’ and Om ‘O’


Somehow after going through regions of Creation with the weaker or faint Presence Self it is the OB that creates the next Shape. This is The Square. The original stuff is more curvature by some original nature, but it also bunched up somehow as apposed to smooth. Helios was already something close to Sphere but it wasn’t noticeable like Om Void Sphere was.

The First Sphere is actually a Shell, and somewhat Clear in color due to the vacancy nature of void. Within the first Sphere is Final Form Brahma.

The next perfect Shape was done by Baby Ptah and this was the Tetrahedron, and this came about as a conceptualization of smaller Sphere and huger Cube, and done by collapsing an angle off of the cube downward. The Proto-Dodecahedron was also envisioned at this time but Baby Ptah did not piece it together enough and it was confusing and had too many sides. So moving on Baby Ptah starts with collapsing the Cube in on itself instead of the Cube+Sphere Merger that Baby Ptah envisioned first as well. It may have taken the Triangle for Shiva to first complete The Dodecahedron.



Cube Sphere Cube


The Original Form Evolution is Curvature and Getting Smaller. OB may have noticed less curvature from coming up out of a smaller state before re-merging with larger self from a smaller presence self that went to gaze upon dawning Creation. The Ptah state may have been part of what these ‘Presence States’ were, or it may have original been an intentionally faint part of Brahma coming into the Ptah Ream, and this merged with Ptah and this made the shadowy but strong ‘presence’

OB is the Proto Form or First Form-Like Being. At the very time that OB creates Proto Form a Proto Vacuum is automatically created, and this is The Birth of Shiva. (in some Tales these are The Pre Proto Form and Pre Proto Vacuum, but in those Tales what is shown is OP Proto-Ptah Senior in a Merger with Proto Form and Proto Vacuum that happens later and becomes a deadly invasive to them.

As OB is Condensing further this is naturally Weakening Shiva further. This turns into a nasty war and it one of ‘the roots of distrust and hatred among the Christians’, many of whom are made of OB. Shiva gets help from OP Proto-Ptah with Grey Brahma to take on OB Grey God and absolutely mangles ‘The Big Man’ in certain regions.

Things are now stuck in this nasty predatory war, similar to a nebula condensing into a star is stuck being a form. The gaseous Nebula is closer to Vacuum state than to Original Being, but Original Being is not nearly as strong as rock and metal.

{like I said, We created a lot of stuff in the old days, and this was before The Big Bang and this Universe ever existed. Helios ‘The Powerball’ is one of the precursors that lead to ideas that lead to The Big Bang}

“The Deity may not match the descriptions of powers and ability, nice try though, but They really do have this Elder Evolution that is still held in Awe and rightfully so, and it is in our Realm stuff and our ancient Codes.”