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The No is part of a larger process.

It prevents a Destabilization.

It prevents and Continuation of Failed Processes.

It prevents you from Coming Into The Danger Zone.

By bringing a Good Region to Here to supply Positive Responses (and the Arena is so dangerous it cannot be accurate described or it activates a Trap of what is spoken of engages) you are engaging in murder and suicide done with a blame game.

NO! was not taken for an answer.

Further destabilization of My Being and violations of My Rights ensue.

The Good Guys end up getting killed.

They were weak. They were unrealistic. Their show was one of desperation and hope. The were unable to do anything to succeed against the strong wrong. So they choose methods that don’t actually work but do a lot of activity with a large group support.

By being ‘friends’ and the ‘nice people’ they make a huge mistake in an arena they are not qualified for when they rely on Me, who was originally trying to be nice and helpful, unlike the strong wrong that won Me.

“so, they went and did it all over again for 2012 and disaster ensues every day”

No means No!

“this is The Truth of Your Survival up against Evil, up against Mean People, up against Me and up against ‘Me’.

Friendship is not the truth of your survival.

{you are half the reason that Utopia never got built and half the reason I never got back to being Me… and what ensues is that You Are Invaded, Working for The Enemy, supplying Your Own Responses which countermand ‘Me’, and ‘Me is the only Being that will actually succeed in this Collapse of Creation Arena}

On top of this all is that Invaded People are No Longer Safe and When You Supply Your Own Hopeless Cause Hopeful Friendship Responses you end up getting yourselves killed and many people’s rights get violated for you to have a chance at your failure.

{White Ptah helped engineer this and so far is doing worse than Satan or Devil ‘due to the fact that the problem isn’t shutting down, and therefore the hostages are dying, and on the other side of Arch Good Guy Mr White Law Ptah is The Evil that Psycho Control Wrongful Win Dictate Terms is on the other side. Just another Evil that is the other side of A Master Strategist for Good. His whole processes is Installing Responses, Dictating Terms and Blame Game}

“you think that the Writing goes off course but it goes into another arena with the facts of that arena and the Rejectionist is the person that isn’t getting it right as they try to put Me down, when all along the situation was too large with too much variance and there is too much titanic guilty party in what is left of those helping with their competing Armageddon Strategies, many of which were adapted off old titanic crimes that never ended”