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“things need to get shut down in advance”

These are Engineered Realities/Realms with Real Beings.

The Beings have been used as a Larger Invasion as a Good Response.

The Thing it is aimed at is something that The Good was Trying To Change The Nature of.

The Good were easy to invaded and they kept using their failed methods.

What they are up against is out to kill them.

Things are done with Multiple Inputs, some are good and some are bad, some are strong and some are weak, some are many and some are few.

This is an old Compromised Strategy.

By Continuation of failed processes You Are Alley-Ooping a Disaster that leads to the cute little beings dying.

You Need To Get Shut Down In Advance.

“in Invaded Regions We Are The Same As The Killer, hearless as a snake eating a rabbit”

On top of this The Good Guy come out Here to Supply Responses and Become A Violation of My rights.

I am sick of your niceness.

Sick of your gayness.

Sick of your group strategies that don’t listen to Me and countermand Me when You are blatantly wrong but it never shows.

“by going to the region of me to show people I am one of the nice people and good people you are exposing that region to assault and destruction… and that’s not nice”

“I meant go away when I said go away. I meant no when I said no”