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Peter Reynolds has The Larger Antenna and able to Pick Up More Things.

The Reason deals with something similar to Messiah and Destiny. Though ‘Messiah’ is hovering off the bow of the ship this is Brahma and Ptah stuff and there is a lot of Ganesha and Shiva.

Part of The Government Armageddon Strategy tried to steal that ability.

The Reason why is an old Entrenched Conspiracy of Control descended from Titans and still in progress.

Now due to what happened We need Their Help (the Titans).

Now due to what happened they exploited the situation.

Now due to what happened you are being ‘overcome’ by another Being.

Now due to what happened there are two many compromised people running the show.

Now due to what happened The Government is going to get warred Extra-Dimensionally.

Now due to what happened The Government is Actually Illegal!

Now due to what happened things are not changing enough.

Now due to what happened “Remember that I Brahma have NOT given you the right to rule over Me!”

Now do to what happened Your Illegal Government Is Still Threatening Me While Their Crime Ensues.

Now due to what happened “counter-insurgency done by a criminal conspiracy” is not legal!

These are Facts of Armageddon.

The Big Antenna Boy is One of The Actual Rightful Rulers.

The Big Antenna Boy gets Help from Them.

The Big Antenna Boy isn’t interested in sitting in The Rulers’s Chair, but The Big Antenna Boy must be the one to Design The Civilization that We all live under. This is not negotiable. The Big Antenna Boy is more qualified than the government in this respect.

The Big Antenna Boy has interacted with most People and Beings throughout evolution and will spot problems with people sitting in The Ruler’s Chair and want them removed pronto. They play clever long range chess and cheat themselves back into authority and go back to the same wrongful governance that is being brought to justice. You don’t stymie and stupid Me out and have economics as your reason why! The Big Antenna Boy has an Older Brother that is a Holy Infinite King of Gold and White, part of The Halo and Golden Crown, and found that beyond a certain Region even this does not work and becomes a usurpation of larger things.

The Big Antenna Boy smoked your entire government and status quo brigade of self-slavery and landowner paradigm and patent (and God is against ‘the patent’ due to what it does overall)… mostly with My mind but also with a bit of an Armageddon punch, and They will not let Me or Themselves use that stuff fully due to collateral damage. But don’t presume upon Us anymore under these circumstances and part of the old Criminal Control Conspiracy of The Titans is not shutting down(which secretly perpetuates The Problem) and is getting Shut Down!