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The Ancient Emperor of Infinity

Grey Brahma is a Smaller Stronger part of Original Brahma, the Original Infinite Eternal Being.

Grey Brahma has been Taking On The Problem as a Titanic Force. This changed part of Grey Brahma’s Nature.

Grey Brahma is also up against too much as well.

Grey Brahma is a Tyrant. Grey Brahma comes out of Very Bad Zones with a Whole Lot of Strength and Strategies that must be adhered to,

Supreme Brahma and Helios and Vishnu really blew it here by using Supreme Brahma or Form Brahma as ‘The Rightful Brahma’.

Only The One Strong Enough, Only The One That Evolved Things from The Other Side from The Start can actually Win.

Supreme Brahma Helios Vishnu line has been at war and losing to Grey Brahma.

I have had to pay the price as well for Their Methods {this means Form Brahma and Brahma-Ptah} that use Me from old Common Combo as well as Divine Promises in Altered States not dealing with Full Realism.

Divine Kings VS Black Dragons..? don’t expect to get cheated in again, Guys!