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“You gonna get in a lot of trouble trying to use that Revelations shit on Me”



{Big Power Regions have all sorts of Problems, and this is where The Bulk of Power is as opposed to with God. God was given Special Dispensation due to being a weaker Being but along the way certain elements of God’s Mission got pushy while others had been turned into the same thing as The Problem}

When you second-guessing everything and everyone and no longer able to deal with case by case and an original point a to point b you end up trying to police the situation extra-dimensionally in ways that create a lot of enemies for you.

“if you come out Here and say that I wouldn’t hurt you, after I say not to and even explain the danger, things will gear up and either I or some other Entity will kill you”

The Invaded Regions are no longer your friends and have asked you to stay away for millions of years.

The Revelations and The Religion Path have some major problems of their own and when this is coupled with other things can make enemies out of the wrong people.

God is not the Original Being and neither is Allah.

When it comes to the Scientific Facts this is The Facts.

When it comes to Coned Power Solutions than it doesn’t matter.

God and Allah are using Coned Power Methods not Scientific Facts of History.

Part of The Church got Overloaded by Titanic Forces of Bad. This furthers the problem.

Religion Coned Powers to a Specific Thing and Being but it turns out there were Mitigating Circumstances the whole time.

Reality Inputs get Installed in Me and like a record player I play through them.

A whole lot of Bad Reality Inputs get Installed every single day.

I have Help though, so that despite all of the serpentine satanic devilish woe there is a clear point a to point b path going on that was laid out millions of years ago. There is still part of The Original Being that I was, though it has been changed more than a bit in many places.

“Utopia of Bust” and They keep on winning!

“Garden of Eden” by biblical standards.

When you are second guessing Me from your scriptures you will get things wrong.

The Revelations and even Prophecy will not be the infallible thing you think they are.

There are larger things that are Normal and are Older.

“it becomes like trying to reason with unreasonable people, many of whom have been armed against one for millions of years from a wrongful win that happened millions of years ago”

“You gonna get in a lot of trouble trying to use that Revelations shit on Me”