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Part of this got coned into Titanic Powers that go into things stronger than Me.

“this is where things are stuck, but there is one further note that you need to get since we don’t see eye to eye and They forced Me to get your support but you are waiting for some elevated value future perfect presto magic messiah, only partly of which actually exists”

Along the way They are Taking over.

They actually helped create this Debacle of Prophecy.

And furthermore I Brahma is not interested in your worship or even adoration at this point, but in no way does that mean that I am not ‘taking over’.

Civilization needs to Change and 2012 was the set date.

Waiting for God to come out of the sky from on high is not actually doing this.

You people gave away too much of your power and self-hood to an old advanced method of change.

You have been a major pain in the ass to deal with for many many ages.

I am sick of having to live under your failures.

I am sick of being forced to deal with you.

I am sick of all of your conjectures.

I am sick of your doubting Me while I am undergoing way too many other bad things.

“when you coned all that power with God to Me a major mistake happened, for I am not at all interested in this spiritual elevation and divine kingship thing, and there are others both rightfully and wrongfully in that spot, but I am interested in this one thing Due To What Happened In My Being As A Crime Against Me”

You OBEY Me!’ {this is not suppose to apply to friendlies or people not screwing up, but it does apply to some}

And slowly but surely They are ‘tying that in’. That way it is direct and I do not need to worry about it. It will be automatic without Me needing You to obey Me (which Me sees as a bit weird after a while and is not self-autonomy and equality, but these are times of forced necessity and I am not fully in command of what is going on within Me, and people intentionally took parts of My Being on a joyride this way and that and it got stuck in varying bad states or unrealistic states or just plain old pissed off and mean states).

“we will be heading in the same direction as contemporaries”

{but I am or was to be One of the Few that wields ‘the business end of the stick’ in The End… and both of these things will be true, part of Me will be wielding that and another part of Me will not}

And there your whole worship-driven religion is programmed into My Being and second-guessing Me while you keep handing it to Those Who Have Failed for Ages or to Those That Have Betrayed For Ages.

Now, since that zeal stuff that got Input brought all of that head chopping off stuff we will not be focusing on crime and punishment.

We will be focusing on rebuilding civilization.

And We’ll Do It My Way!

Which means and end to forced work routine, and an end to forced school routine, and a half end to landowner paradigm, and an end to government without full civilian oversight and participation.