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Up against Old Titanic Powers in varying states there comes a ‘non-functionality’ clause, and as well are ancient attempts to evolve your own titanic powers, some of which are being gained from bad regions declared forfeit.

As a Group you are not getting the job done.

As a process things got forced into the Group getting the job done.

Old Titanic Powers are being stupidly or wrongfully gone at as a way to enable the Equality and Group getting the job done.

When the Titanic Power retaliates at having been ill used or gone after as a resource for a new power base or forcing an old extreme method of removing large Beings from smaller arenas a bit of a destructive war ensues.

{some of My Writing goes off course due to some common sense of not dealing with the full scale of things or the load will get too high or the stuff will get too strong… I am not the reason it goes off course but unfortunately some other Entity is trying to gain the full information under the guise of Truth and it really screws up by confronting things too large or dangerous or aimed wrong, and some of the History of that Pushy Truth Test is a group of old Titanic Criminals in a state of Recovery from Old Crimes They Are Still A Part Of, and They Are Forcing Us To Lose}