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What the status quo had hoped was that it would all pan out as stuff that doesn’t pan out.

The status quo tries to hold onto their authority all the way through this second-guessing everything on the presumption that we are wrong.

By taking things into the conspiracy theory zone not enough truth is being used and the actual complaints get grouped in with the vast waste land of potentialities that conspiracy theory produces.

The status quo has been using a crime hidden in plain site to dictate what ‘realism’ is.

The status quo is not understanding the basic illegality of their authority institution propped up over the people as the more legal entity, steeped in writing laws as a cover, with an elevated position no longer equality.

This is not a normal thing, and if it is normal for your kind of people it is not normal for ours, and your kind of people don’t get to prop your system and weird authority over us.