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… does really exist.

It effects our sentient experience and real beings and Beings play out the role or are part of the acting troop or merely just pretend.

Divine family means more than just one thing.

It is Our Original Self and Our Original Universe. Things have evolved down into the smaller and within. There are huge void-like oceans that stuff is piped into, a collective of sentient experience. Void is not space, void is air and space is non-existence. Vacuum and Void are weaker states that come about from Form Creation. The Original Vacuum Being was Shiva, but later stronger smaller Form lead to Vacuum Goddess and Void Om (which lead to God).

“And In Actual The Beginning Brahma Was Alone For An Eternity But Knew It Not And Eventually Brahma First Went Into A Contemplative Phase And Then A Trance-like Phase And Then Daydream, And All Things Have Descended From This, Or Descended From Things That Descended From This. Eventually Along Comes The Birth Of God”