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Fact One: “This Universe was Created and is a Randomly Evolving Universe”

Fact Two: …

{You are talking to Someone that Predates this Universe and that Someone can verify that: this Universe did not use to exist, it was Created, it is Randomly Evolving (as Intended), and there are Beings that Created it (and according to Extra-Dimensional Info it was a Combination Being using Shiva’s Insights). God had very little to do with the Creation of this Universe. God had some of the Ideas (but less than Shiva) and God was part of the Combination Being (but once against less than Shiva. 

“and so Quantum Physics falls off the same cliff that Sacred Geometry did from the same Lack of External Facts and Lack of Original History”

And furthermore: 

Sentience Predates Non-Sentience. 

You can point to some time and place on this world and say ‘there, that is where sentience starts’ but in reality that is just here in this Universe and Sentience has existed forever and the type of sentience is normal, less evolved/specialized than earth creatures or highly educated super genius man but still very normal and very able and quite manlike in most regards. Normal. A normal so normal even the stars and light are an elite abnormality.

(And sight either always existed or starts when Brahma first becomes contemplative and is becoming Two Regions. The awareness becomes sight long before light existed)