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But all the way through this is some Original History.

Brahma on earth as far as lore goes (and I have not even begun to study this) will not pan out as The Original History just because it has the name or even part of Brahma.

“these are usually Astral Plane and part Shiva and Ptah and often times some other Beings being Brahma… and some of it was quite notable but it is Us not Me and it is nor Original History but an Evolution of Ourselves in Special Realms that are Real Realities but Weaker Reality”

As well a lot of Actual History is other Forms of Brahma. (Newer Forms of Brahma and Pillar Power and Elite Combinations are what made Beings like Indra. Indra will turn out to be Supreme Brahma plus Shiva with Titans and Gods in a Major Pillar. According to Their Tales this had to get shut down and the Powers transferred to Jesus (another Supreme Brahma Being) and God for The Divine Mission and Saving God’s People.)

Here is some of Our Theories that are basically Sacred Geometry and Updated Sacred Geometry:

This universe is a self-replicating change-induced pattern caused by the induction of a Singularity in a Continuum. It has a few traces or patterns here and there. 1 Dimensional Super Force Singularity and a 2 Dimensional Super Force Continuum form a basic foundation of simplicity for our reality. Like in a musical piece, it comes back to a basic pattern that connects the whole thing in all it’s variation. We actually live in a 4th Linear Space Dimension, with a hidden 3rd Subatomic Dimension below, and a 5th Dimension Non-Linear Space above. 6th Dimension is Linear Infinity and 7th is Non-Linear Infinity. And an 8th/0th Void. 6th and 7th is where most of the stuff of existence is.

1st and 2nd are gravity and waves. Wave-Particle.

Super-Gravity and Wave-Pave. ( 1 .– 2 ]

Myriad Potentials expressed as One, Few, and Many are centered in 1st, 2nd {(4th, 3rd, 5th)]) { [6th, 7th-8th Octave Dimension. True 8th in our reality is 0th. Void. Non-Existence. .– {(3,4,5]) 6-7-0-1-2

Gravity (1st), electromagnetism (2nd), strong binding force (3rd), weak binding force (4th). Electrons (1st), protons (2nd), neutrons (3rd) the angular space created by the field effect of the particles (4th). We are in essence already in “hyperspace” of a 3rd dimension.

Super-Gravity is that Dot. 1st Dimension, Singularity (particle)

M is that Wave-Plane. 2nd Dimension, Continuum (waves)

Strings are the hum of the engine.

Infinite Dot 1st D Singularity pokes a hole through Infinite 2nd D Wave-Plane and begins bunching up the Plane into a 3rd D Sphere that eventually explodes into a 4th D Cube. This expands along the 2nd D Wave-Plane, sucking up all it can manage. From a small point a hole is opened and that is the Big Bang.

Another concept is that the 2nd D Wave-Plane is bunched around the 1st D Singularity, never puncturing it. Eventually it can’t stretch the 2nd D Continuum Wave-Plane any more, and this eventually rips the Singularity Disturbance apart as the initial effect is worn off. It initially gobbles up more than it can chew and the after-effect the overstretched Wave-Plane blows the 3rd D Sphere, Subatomic, into a 4th D Void/Matter pattern, Atomic. The Void would already have to be there, and this is 8th Dimension.

Eventually the effect wares off as these 2 titanic forces battle it out. Gravity is the Singularity pulling itself back together. Waves in different forms are what is left of the Wave-Plane. Most of the energy is stored in a Subatomic Universe, 3rd D, and ours is Void/Matter with Dark Matter and Dark Liquid Energy, 4th D. Gravity would effect us from from internal 3rd and external 4th. 2 Point Gravity. If a core of the Singularity survived, perhaps 3 Point Gravity.

Another thing that may happen is the induction of Singularity on the Continuum. This spreads like a virus and begins to weaken it. Eventually the effect is localized due to the overwhelming size of the Continuum. At the moment of backlash, the induced singularities stay.

3rd Dimension tends towards Spherical, 4th Dimension tends towards Angular. We exist in a Tetrahedronic Universe, both 3rd and 4th overlapping. Matter is 4th, Energy is 3rd. Linear and Non-Linear space. Angles and Curves. 4th is Cube, 3rd is Sphere, 4th+3rd is Tetrahedron Pyramid.

5th Dimension is Non-Linear Space, 4th is Linear Space. 3rd is also Non-Linear, but it is energy. Sub-Atomic particles probably originate from here. 6th is Linear Infinity, 7th is Non-Linear Infinity.

Singularity (1st) smashes into Wave-Plane (2nd), produces a Sphere (3rd) {1face, no sides or 1 side, Curved} that explodes into a Cube (4th) {6 sided, 4 face, Angular} and expands along a 2 D Wave-Plane, producing a flat universe of Energy and Void that is Matter(atoms), Tetrahedron {3 face, 4 sided}. From an apparent small space, a vast universe grows. It had fuel and tracks to follow. “Welcome to the 4th Dimension.” Tetrahedron.

We live in a Dual, Tri and Quad Reality, 3rd, 4th, 5th. 5th is non-linear space, 4th is linear space, 3rd is energy, sub-atomic universe. These are Dimensions. 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th also exist here, but these are farther away from our frame of reference. 7, 6, (5-4-3), 2, 1. Our basic reality is 4th dimensional, not 3rd. Simplicity and Complexity overlap in a dual reality. Most likely 3-4-5 are like small, medium and large bubbles of reality. 1st exits as a potentiality, and we are made of 2nd as a building block. This exists within 6th and 7th Dimension. Symbolically, our reality may be like a dot and a wave-plane within a sphere within a tetrahedron within a cube within a dodecahedron within an ocean. The face is our apparent reality: Tetrahedron, 3 and 4, Cube 4 and 6, Dodecahedron 5 and 12. Things overlap in myriad ways, but it generally comes down to Duality, Triplicity, Quadrality.

We live in a 4th dimension with 3rd inside and 5th outside. Tetrahedronic Sphere.

Earth’s Core, Earth and Atmosphere is the 3-4-5 pattern.

Central Black-Hole , Galaxy, overall Gravity is another Tetrahedronic pattern. This matches Earth, Core and Magnetic Field/Atmosphere. This is a Tetrahedronic Sphere in action.

In the massive manifestation the thing is actually flat from linear force, from our smaller apparent frame of reference the earth appears flat, the core is hidden, and sky is curved. This is Relative Perspective of observed and observer. Moving up or down through a sphere of influence things appear differently.

Sun, Planets and Oort Cloud/Solar System is another pattern that matches.

DNA as well.

If one thinks of dual reality, and the concept of a wave particle, one can speculate that there is a simplicity part of that duality. The universe is so simple it can be summed up in one object, a Tetrahedron. A wedge (flat part that bends at edges) of 2D space that creates 3 angles of 4 sides, but the 4th one is hidden from view. Actually it is the 3rd one, the base of the Tetrahedron. The base of our universe is a non-linear subatomic 3rd dimension, hidden below the atomic level. Gravity is largely connected to/emanates from that “hidden” direction. Singularity (1st, points of pyramid) comes from there creating gravity, perhaps like an inverted tetrahedron, cone up in a trine. Dual Reality, 2 tetrahedron universal forces inverted, opposing, interlocking, and in equilibrium. Or always becoming equilibrium. One of these is a non-linear 3rd dimension tetrahedron, the other a linear 4th dimension tetrahedron. Dual Reality also plays out in a positive and negative dimensional framework. Negative Dimension is simplicity and a purer expression.

Tetrahedronic 7-0-1 Reality 1, 2, 3, 4th-10th and 12th in 11th. 1st and 11th Singularities. Centered with Existence and existing on and journey through Time and Space of 1st-7th dimensions.

We are moving through a Non-Linear Space 5th Dimensional Sphere of Influence. Dodecahedron, Cube, Tetrahedron, Sphere. 1st Dimensional Gravity plays out on us as a Tetrahedron, a Sphere, a Cube and a Dodecahedron in 4th Dimension, Linear Space. And as a Sphere, Tetrahedron, Cube in the 3rd Dimension. Shapes are Solidity.

We are 5th, 4th, 3rd and 1st Dimensional Beings. Made out of 2nd Dimension with access to 6th and 7th.

Dimensions 5th to 12th. Dodecahedron. We Live in a 4th, with a 3rd below and 5th above. Tetrahedronic. We are nicely placed as center of 1st-7th. 4th/3rd/5th.

It is actually 7-0-1/1-0-7 and 7-4-1/1-4-7. 7 is infinity, 0 is void, 1 is singularity, 4 is material universe.

7-0-1/7-4-1 Tetrahedronic Dimensional Mechanics to String Theory.

Visualize these as 2 inverted tetra pyramids. Upper is Positive Universe, Lower Negative









If you add the numbers as a graph, it is 8. The two oppose each other and interlock.

Non-Linear / Linear // Positive Universe. Odd=Non Linear-, Even=Linear+

7th (Infinity)+-

6th- /6th+ — String

5th- /5th+ —- String —

4th- /4th+ —– String (Our reality) . — {(3,4,5])

3rd- /3rd+ —- String —

2nd-/ 2nd+ —- String

1st (Singularity)-+

In the above, 7th and 1st are 11th Dimension, the others are 10 dimensions, 5 positive/linear, 5 negative/non-linear.

Upper Universe is Linear/Law/ Positive, Lower Universe Non-Linear/Chaos/Negative. The Strings may be neutral. Dual, Tri and Quad Realities must be explored here with Pos. and Neg., Linear and Non Linear. Overlaps,Opposition,Triangulation, Cross. Pentagonal, Hexagonal, etc.

Yang: Male/Law/Linear/Mind/+/Singularity/Form/Angular/Boundaries/Being – overlap I

Yin: Female/Chaos/Non-Linear/-/Infinity/Formless/Curvature/Boundless/Aura — overlap WE

Both have properties of the other as well, these are just tendencies.

Most likely the more the universe evolves a system, the more some different parts of that pattern play out. Polarity (Wave-plane (+) and gravity (-). ). Galaxy and central black hole. Earth and magnetic core. Brain and sub-cortex. Males (angular) and females (curves) in body and spirit (mental/emotional). Females are more curved and have lower center of gravity. Males are more angular. This plays out as well with reproductive organs.

One could say Galaxy is Male, Central Galactic Black-hole is Female. Females have closer connection to 3rd Dimension.

For example, the dynamic core of earth surrounded by the more rocky and porous exterior, the massive black hole at the galactic center, surrounded by a splay of stars, hunter males roaming the turf and planter/gatherer females with small ones in the center,etc.

Linear 4th and Non-Linear 3rd. Thought and feeling. 4 limbs, with a 5th head, plus tail dwindling down to a point. I think of the mouth as the 5th and brain as the 6th, tail as the 1st, body the 3rd. Also 4 fingers, with a 5th thumb and 6th wrist.

The 3rd is in a non-linear “direction” from us and not disconnected at all. Angular and Spherical space overlapping in a dual reality. We spend 1/3 of our day sleeping, this is a 3rd Dimensional Experience. 2/3 of our time in 4th Dimension

M-Theory is actually the whole picture, centered in 4,3,5, with 1,2 and 6,7.

The more that a system evolves, the more it replicates ultimate reality, in different ways. This is a change induced universe. It spirals, not circles. Human brains with sub cortex (4th/3rd), the 7 major Chakras, etc, are all part of this. These are dimensional expressions in our 3rd D body. Our aura is also 3rd emanation.

7-0-1/7-4-1, with 2 infinity symbols overlapping, is an Engine that produces singularity from infinity. It runs and hums and this creates Gravity as an effect in our universe. It creates 2 rows of 5 harmonic vibrations, perhaps strings, of Dimensional Realities 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. And 7-0-1 produces 2 sets of these, like two inverted tetrahedrons.

And a 7-0-1/7-4-1 animating force stretches “inward” from both “ends” as well. Inward and ends may be hard to define in this. Always remember the importance of relative placement in all situations. This allows us to apply it to more abstract uses beyond science. Relative Sphere of Influence along an Infinite Chain.

The default state of this linear 4th dimension is probably liquid (cardinal), stemming from the liquid energy 3rd dimension that we exploded off the outside of (Big Bang) in a void/matter pattern that partially self replicated the 2nd dimensional relative infinity that created the 3+4 of tetrahedron. gasp for breath . Or the whole thing came together and the heavier 3rd separated from the 4th after matter/anti-matter war. I have not figured out the exact chain of events yet.

It created gas (mutable) and solid (fixed). 2nd Dimension is the building block (2+2, 2×2 = 4,4). 1st Dimension is the activating force (1+1,1×1 = 2,1). An exponential tri-reality bounces between the two. The 1st and 2nd Dimensions are probably not absolute, but relative infinite. I believe that the 1st actually had an induced spin on it as well. This creates the inward arc. There may be far more than all of this by now, it is a randomly evolving universe off of simplicity and complexity.