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It will turn out ages down the road to have spanked both scriptures and science in certain areas that deal with Original History long predating The Big Bang, and this means as well dealing with Infinity, Eternality, Normality, Parallel Universes, Sentience and Non-Sentience, Form and Formless, as well as The Origins of Shiva and Goddess and God and Helios and Such. You’ll never guess where I am getting this Tale from. Go ahead and guess. Wrong! I didn’t made it up. It is an Ancient Tale of Creation that has Others Running The Show, and these are Beings like Shiva and Goddess and God and Such, but it doesn’t take rapture or enlightenment (both of which deal with special regions) it is a larger more normal Conversation, and this has also been a Brahma and Ptah thing for ages and ages. Welcome to 2012!

It never was fully known how Wacky some of your own journeys have been, and this is what happened to the Original Evolution that we were on turning The Titanic Era.